Microsoft launches .NET Compiler Platform “Roslyn” paving the way for open sourcing .NET

Microsoft open sources .NET Compiler Platform “Roslyn”

Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise of Microsoft announced at Build developer conference in San Francisco, launch of the .NET Foundation on April 3,2014. The Microsoft’s Developer Ecosystem which is based on the .NET framework, will be launched as open source (Apache 2.0 ) under one umbrella.

The .NET foundation will open source 24 .NET projects which will comprises the .NET Compiler Platform (known as “Roslyn”) and all of the ASP.NET open source projects. It will also include Xamarin‘s MimeKit and Mailkit libraries.

Microsoft’s Anders Hejlsberg will make the project live on Codeplex.

Roslyn is a set of APIs for exposing the Microsoft C# and Visual Basic .NET compilers as services available at runtime which includes versions of the C# and VB.NET compilers written in the languages themselves; in other words, the compilers are available via the traditional command-line programs, as well as APIs available natively from within .NET code.


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